Explore, learn
and prototype with
a free AI Lab.

Our AI platform is easy to install and open-sourced. Tinker, build, and share innovative recipes with a community that shapes the future of technology.

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Connect to Content

Add layers or components to swipe between.

learning ecosystem

A community where users collaborate, learn, and exchange Omnitool solutions, amplifying collective AI learning and progress.

Open standards, Open source

Embrace dual-license open-source and open standards like OpenAPI, facilitating seamless integration of new AI systems and existing solutions with minimal friction.

Fully extensible & customisable

With our underlying open framework, you can easily expand Omnitool with any functionality—whether self-crafted or community-sourced.

An interface that
simplify complex tasks

Use multiple AI APIs together through a simple interface. Different blocks can communicate, and you have complete control over settings

A chat to create an intuitive user experience

The interface is easy to use, offering clear options like chat-driven interactions. Whether you're chatting with a bot or using other methods, it's simple and user-friendly. Plus, it works great on mobile, so you can chat anytime, anywhere.

Vendor freedom

Break free from vendor lock-in and blend diverse cloud and on-premise AI models/APIs seamlessly.

We manage data interoperability;

You compare, switch, and choose the right vendors for optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Launch your AI lab with Omnitool.
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